Fall is in the air.

Okay, so Fall isn’t really in the air. It is 91 degrees here in Kansas but I just can’t help myself.

Once Halloween Candy replaces the school supplies at the grocery store, I am ready to decorate. I switch out my flowery, summer candles with fall scents like spiced pumpkin, and apple cinnamon, and sort through the numerous storage tubs in my basement to find my fall decorations!

I’ll be honest, I think last year is the first time I’ve ever decorated for Fall (thank you Pinterest for that) so my collection is still a little sorry.

However, since I’m currently enjoying a life of leisure (ha, is that possible with a two-year-old?) and not employed, I’ve had my eye on a few DIY projects to spruce up! I know there are lists out there of the “Top 30 DIY Fall Ideas” but who has time for that?

Hehe. I assume many of you have happy but hectic lives, like me, so just a few FAB ideas will be just what you need! Enjoy!

Fall DIY decor

First, this great but simple wreath from Shanty 2 Chic is inexpensive, easy to make, and beautiful. I think it would be great to hang on the door or over a mirror. Per the comments, tacky glue is a better idea than hot glue if you live in a climate that gets cold at all in the fall. Includes a tutorial.

Wreath Tutorial from Shanty 2 Chic
Wreath Tutorial from Shanty 2 Chic

Next, a simple pine cone garland from Twig and Thistle that is simple but chic. I am already thinking ahead to Christmas decorations and I know that pinecones will carry right through until the new year! Doesn’t get much cheaper either. You can purchase scented pine cones from just about anywhere, or turn it into an activity (like I will with Elena). Tutorial included.

Tutorial from Twig and Thistle
Tutorial from Twig and Thistle

Third, faux mercury glass pumpkins! I have some small ceramic pumpkins I bought at Dollar Tree last year that I am not crazy about. Excited to try this tutorial from Thistlewood Farms to dress them up a bit.

Tutorial from Thistlewood Farms
Tutorial from Thistlewood Farms

Fourth isn’t really a tutorial I am planning to follow, just an idea from Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss that I am hoping to incorporate myself. My penmanship leaves a lot to be desired, so I think I’ll be turning to photoshop and maybe offer a free printable! Stay tuned!

Image from Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss
Image from Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss

And last but definitely not least is this AMAZING wreath from Williams Floral. Again, not a tutorial, just a link to their Etsy shop but I saw this wreath and fell in love. It is pretty over the top, but maybe that’s why I like it! All the mixed media just makes me giddy. AND based on all of the tutorials out there for burlap and mesh wreaths, I think I can figure out how to recreate it (maybe with some help from my mom)!

Image from Williams Floral
Image from Williams Floral

I’ll be sure to share with you my final projects (success or otherwise) and would love to hear from you too!




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