2013 Holiday Decor Trend Watch

Happy Monday, ya’ll!

We have had an unseasonably cool couple of days in Kansas, accompanied by a lot of rain, so while I was stuck inside I couldn’t help but start thinking about holiday decorating!

I love decorating for fall and winter and am excited to see that 2013 trends involve incorporating a lot of non-seasonal items with a few key seasonal items to produce a look with a bit more longevity. I would never consider myself a trendsetter but I tend to have holiday décor ADD and have to continually edit my collection to incorporate new items.

I have been slowly moving from the red, green and gold motif I created the first Christmas we lived in our current house (which was 2008, eek) and think with the help of some spray paint and pixie dust, I can finish the transition this year.

Fortunately for this glitter-loving gal, metallic is not out, though they will take on a more muted tone this year with a heavier focus on silver and pewter and less glitzy gold. And the good news for my mercury glass owl that now has a year-round home on my mantel, a winter woodland/enchanted forest theme should be on trend as well!

I’ve compiled a few inspirations below that caught my fancy.

Winter-White Wonderland

Living room from House to Home
Living room from House to Home

There’s so much I love about this look from House to Home, where do I begin? Rustic wood, vintage metals, sheepskin and paper accessories give a monochromatic room just the perfect amount of Chritmas. Cable Knits on the armchair complete the warm and cozy look.

Enchanted Forest/Woodland

Tablescape from The Decorating Diva.
Tablescape from The Decorating Diva.

It is kind of magical, isn’t it? The Decorating Diva shared this tablescape from Frankfurt’s Tendence 2012. Woodland creatures and Christmas trees dusted with a muted palette of gold and pewter glitter. Faux furs tie it all together. The color palette is muted and tasteful: gold, soft white, iced silvers, winter greens, and organic taupe tones. Tying in rustic elements of burlap, pine cones, birch etc. are a great way to blend the seasons together as well.

A blue-green Christmas

Beautiful pieces from Inge-Glas
Beautiful pieces from Inge-Glas

This delicate combination of mint green, light aqua, chocolate brown and pewter is soothing and stunning. I have shied away from pastels for so long as some sort of rebellion against my mother’s decorating but am finally coming around to loving the lighter color palettes again. It is very easy to go vintage with this color pallet, or for a nautical/sea theme. Either would be breathtaking.

I get it. It is only July so why am I already talking holiday décor? Because I love it and am ready to start creating (both for my own home, as well as for items for my Etsy shop).

I am looking forward to toning down the bold colors of my Christmas décor of years past, maybe flocking my artificial tree. What about you? I certainly haven’t covered all of this year’s trends (jewel tones for instance) but hope I’ve inspired a little Christmas spirit in July for you.



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